Talent Management Strategy + Development

Creating a Forward-Thinking Approach to Employee Engagement

The talent management services of The Inclusion Firm adopt an innovative, equity-centered approach that integrates strategies throughout the entire employee life cycle, encompassing policies, systems, and structures. This comprehensive approach enhances workforce inclusion and addresses various aspects, including but not limited to, talent recruitment, onboarding, employee retention, exit interviews and workplace data.

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We assist clients in developing strategic workforce planning to unlock the power of their workforce. Our services encompass and offer: 

  • Employee Engagement
  • Leadership Development
  • Professional Development Training
  • Operations
  • Staff Assessments
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Talent Development
  • Onboarding
  • Retention Strategies
  • Workforce Skills Assessments
  • Work Life Balance Strategies
  • Inclusive Hiring Guides + Toolkits
  • Implicit Bias Training for Search Committees
  • Team Building
  • Bridging and Crafting a Culture of Care

"The average employee exit costs 33% of their annual salary."

Employee Benefit News, "Avoidable Turnover Costing Employers Big,"  2017 


Supervisor Training: Managing A Diverse Workforce

Millennials are 22x more likely to work for an organization with a high trust culture!

Frequently, supervisors ascend to managerial roles without essential training or professional development opportunities. A key step toward strengthening your workforce is to prioritize supervisor training. The Inclusion Firm customizes skills development programs and one-on-one coaching that caters to individuals at varying levels, be they new supervisors or seasoned professionals. Our specialized programs offers both virtual and in-person learning opportunities.


"As reported in the Chronicle of Philanthropy, the direct and indirect costs of losing a fundraiser can exceed $125,000."


Chronicle of Philanthropy,  “The Cost of High Turnover in Fundraising Jobs” April 2, 2012


Empowering Employee Resource Groups (ERG) + DEI Councils

Leveraging our extensive experience in creating and fostering ERGs and  DEI Councils for decades, we offer comprehensive support in the following areas:

  • Mission or purpose statement
  • Structure
  • Allocation of resources and commitment from leaders
  • Establishment of measurable goals and accountability mechanisms

ERGs play a pivotal role in promoting more equitable and inclusive retention strategies, benefiting everyone within the organization.


"Employees are most likely to rate their employee resource groups as effective in building community within the organization."

Effectiveness Levels of ERGs by Dimension

  • 66% Employee Community Building
  • 54% External Engagement
  • 54% Allyship
  • 46% Leadership Connection
  • 40% Career Advancement
- McKinsey Race in the Workplace Survey, 2021

"90% of employees decide to stay or go within the first 6 months of employment." 


Society for Human Resource Management “New Employee Onboarding Guide: Proper Onboarding is Key to Retaining, Engaging Talent” 2020 











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