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Strategic Insights Through Data Identity and Analytics


Our consulting services in data identity and analytics empower organizations to gain strategic insights into individual identities, preferences and behaviors. This involves analyzing diverse datasets to inform volunteer and alumni engagement, philanthropic decision-making, improve marketing strategies and personalize engagements. Utilizing advanced analytics, organizations can optimize their data-driven initiatives, leading to more targeted and impactful outcomes.

Questions For You to Answer

Since identity and engagement efforts are essential for effective constituent involvement, do you know the answers to the following questions?

  • How is identity impacting your engagement?
  • How impactful is your identity-related programming?
  • How can you identify opportunities to make events more inclusive?
  • How are you measuring the diversity of relationship manager portfolios, boards, committees, events, and more?
  • In what ways are you identifying and addressing engagement gaps?
  • How do you detect gaps in cultural competency and humility?

These are only a few questions that we address when it comes to identity data and analytics and our credentialed change agenda are here with you every step of the way.


 We Are Industry Leaders

"Gather demographic data on your donors. Without these insights, you can’t assess how supporters of different races and ethnicities are interacting with your nonprofit, such as whether they are responding to your fundraising appeals or requests for visits. It’s best to let people self-identify, she says, rather than making assumptions based on “identity proxies” such as names, photos, or associations. Use a donor or alumni survey to collect this information or include questions about identities in your event registration forms, invitations, or direct-mail response devices."

— Misa Lobato

Senior Consultant and Former President of Apra

 *** Under her leadership of Apra, Misa helped found a diversity, equity, and inclusion committee, establish DEI goals in Apra’s strategic plan, launch a member identity data collection effort, draft and implement a DEI plan, and integrate DEI-focused practices throughout the organization

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Are you interested in exploring more about how you can embark on such an effort? We’re not your average consultants. We see things differently; we do things differently!



Inclusivity means not ‘just we’re allowed to be there,’ but we are valued. I’ve always said: smart teams will do amazing things, but truly diverse teams will do impossible things.” 

— Claudia Brian Woody

We Recognize It Can Be Complicated

So let us know how we can help!

Too often organizations rely on reactive tactics rather than proactive strategies to address their organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion challenges. At The Inclusion Firm, we help your organization build a sustainable plan to achieve your DEI goals – and ultimately drive improved results in every other aspect of your organization.



We are not just a diversity, equity, and inclusion firm, but one that is focused on accomplishing all of your organizational goals with an inclusive lens. We’ll guide you in how to maximize your organization's potential. 

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