Strategic Thought Partnership Consulting

We offer a variety of coaching, consulting, and training tools tailored to your needs.

Customized Strategies Designed Specifically for Your Organization


Strategic thought partnership consulting involves collaborating closely with clients to provide expert guidance, innovative insights and collaborative problem-solving to enhance strategic thinking and decision-making within an organization. 

This encompasses offering tangible guidance and feedback on current internal challenges, supporting strategic planning, forming and structuring DEI Councils, facilitating team-level discussions and cultivating an inclusive organizational culture. Leveraging our expertise, we also specialize in engaging diverse volunteers and donors, implementing anti-bias recruiting and interviewing practices and operationalizing employee engagement. Our service is flexible and adaptable.

From fostering better workplace practices and team dynamics to engaging external constituents in meaningful ways, The Inclusion Firm offers  tailored to your needs. We will work with your team in a constructive, supportive way to encourage personal growth and team accountability as your organization continues to build inclusive strategies.








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